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Gack! It cost $163 to "preserve" my wedding dress. And it took them a month (two weeks later than promised).
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For those of you who've been waiting, wedding pictures are up. But be warned, if a picture hasn't been opened since it was rotated, it may look funny until you refresh the page.

Leave comments that link to your favorites if you so desire.


Jul. 3rd, 2006 11:49 am
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An amusing New York Times article about training spouses.

Also, honeymoon pictures. 'k'? What 'k'?
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I like things like LJ and Yahoo mail that let me change my name willy nilly. No official documentation needed here!
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I'm married, and Jeff and I will not exist for >= a week.
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I'm not going to bore you with the details of every pre-wedding odd dream I have, but this one seems share worthy. Highlights:

1. A professional basketball game starts up during the middle of the ceremony
2. Some other couple starts getting married
3. The pastor uses PowerPoint (can you tell I'm at a conference?)
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I am pretty laid back about wedding issues but having our wedding site closed down would definitely stress me out a little. Anti-yay! for articles like that 3 weeks before our day.
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Jeff and I have decided to make our own invitations. I am going to design it with Inkscape, an open source program claimed to be vaguely similar to Illustrator (I've never used Illustrator). Well and good until yesterday. Yesterday I upgraded my computer to Debian unstable because I wanted the latest version of Eclipse (and felt like living on the edge). Inkscape depends on libsigc++-2.0-0c2. In unstable today, that package is only available for the amd64 architecture. Thus, at the moment my wedding invitations cannot be worked on because of a C++ library. How many people can say that?
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More about clothes! Now, generally getting the shoes to go with my dress would not be a big deal. Except that I managed to find shoes which were comfortable, heeless, golden slippons! For only $20!

It is not that I am cheap. I just like every dollar to count for as much as possible.
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Sadly, the Center for Wooden Boats can not handle a wedding as large as ours will be.
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Does anyone know how to figure out where to have a wedding? Does anyone have suggestions for good Seattle locations for a wedding?


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