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Next Saturday is Game Day! Fun and excitement! Board games and video games! Socializing and tasty snack!

Please RSVP (is that redundant in English?) so we can make an estimate of how many snacks to get.
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Jeff and I are hosting a 4th of July BBQ! It will be at our place, with plans to go to the Kirkland fireworks. Anyone is welcome.

We will provide burgers and buns and grilling space (though so far we only have 2 14" grills, another or a slightly larger one might be useful). Other forms of food, drink, and condiments will be appreciated.

If you want to come, please RSVP so we can be sure to get enough food.

EDIT: Oh yeah, a start time. We'll start things at around 1:30. Feel free to arrive whenever. We will probably eat around 5:00pm. At some point, we'll need to leave for fireworks (they start around 10:00 at Juanita beach).
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Don't forget, game day is next Saturday, April 12th. There will be the normal array of games and snacks. Feel free to bring more of either. (FYI, we don't have the new Super Smash Brothers yet.)

If you think you might come, RSVP so we can get a rough count.
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The next game day this Saturday, February 9! Post if you are planning on coming so we can get a rough idea of how many snacks to get.
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Don't forget that game day is next weekend. Saturday 12 June from 2:00pm to whenever. We will provide Cosmic and several other miscellaneous board games, 1 TV with a Wii, PS2 and (maybe) an XBox360, and lots of space to allow for multiple activities. For space, we have a dining room table, a card table, and a loft where we can set up an extra TV if anyone so desired to bring one. We will also provide some amount of snacks which brings me to...

Please reply to this thread if you think you will come so we can get a reasonable amount of snacks. Also, please note if you have any games you want to bring.

Finally, a question. If we buy Rock Band for maybe the upcoming and certainly future game days, would people be willing to give a one time donation of a small amount (~$10) to make the cost less prohibitive to us?
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There is going be a speaker series in the Kirkland/Seattle Google offices. Speakers for Q1 are below. Let me know if you want to be invited to any of these talks.

  • January 24th - Kirkland office: Wendy Seltzer Fellow, Berkman Center for Internet & Society and Visiting Professor, Northeastern University School of Law will be speaking on Expectations of Privacy for a Database Age

  • February 21st - Seattle office: Kirsten Foote - Associate Professor at the University of Washington will be speaking on Web Archives & Interfaces for Social Studies of Online Action

  • March 20th - Kirkland office: Helen Greiner - Co-founder and CEO of iRobot- topic coming soon.

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Announcing game day! Every 2nd Saturday starting and 2:00pm and going until people leave (or I get sleeply, whichever comes first), Jeff and will be hosting a game day. The first game day is Saturday 12 Jan 2008.

We have one TV, a PS2, a Wii (with 4 wavebirds), and a small number of board games (Cosmic!). Other people can bring other games. Bringing snacks is also good.

I will post a reminder and a "please let us know if you are coming so we can get a count post" closer to the 12th. However, if you want the event on your Google calendar, email the address I should invite you at to my user name at yahoo.
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Anyone not yet have new year's eve plans and want to make some with Jeff and me?
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Intiman Theatre is preseting Richard III from June 16 to July 15. Jeff and I are going to go sometime between July 1 and July 9. Anyone else want to go?

New Year!

Dec. 30th, 2005 10:00 am
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New Year's party tomorrow. We'll open the doors at 6:30. Leave a message on the post if you need directions to our place.

UPDATE: The call box at our building is broken and won't be fixed until the 4th. When you get here, call up (oh, and it's under Scherpelz, not Rice), and I will listen to the static and come down and let you in. Or just call me on my cell.
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New Year's gathering at our place? We can see the firework's at the space needle from the rooftop deck of our building. Tell me who's interested.
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Any local folk planning on seeing The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe?
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Let's get some official planning going for the social gathering on the 9th. Things we need to plan: Who is interested in coming? Where shall it be (i.e., Shawna and Mike, still willing to host it?)? Do we want to make it the first of our regular anime showings?
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Anyone want to go see the new Pride and Prejudice with Jeff and me tonight?

EDIT: We're going to see it at 3:00 at the theater at 7th & Pike downtown.
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Who would be interested in some sort of holliday social gathering? Who would be interested in combining this with a large variety of yummy cheeses?


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