Nov. 12th, 2009 09:02 pm
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It is the holiday season, which means Thanksmas is coming again! Yes, the traditional holiday returns for the second year!

If you missed Thanksmas last year, or want a refresher, here's the info: instead of Game Day in December, we have a big holiday party -- this does not mean there won't be games played, but the focus is a bit different. We'll host a potluck holiday meal, followed by a gift exchange. There will also be Thanksmas carols, and probably other kinds of fun.

It will be on December 12th (the second Saturday of December), starting at 2PM.

Since this is a big event, we would like a more definite list of people who will be attending than a normal Game Day; at which point we'll figure out what dishes everyone wants to bring. Please RSVP by December 1st if you will be coming (and let us know if you'll be bringing anyone with you).

The gift exchange should be a nice/fun/good gift around $20 in value -- something you would like yourself, or something you have that is so awesome you want to share it with others. If you are having trouble thinking of something, remember that this is a geeky & gamer crowd -- popular gifts last year were Xbox Live points, a set of dice (4d-20d), and a chess set. Make sure the gift is wrapped, so it is a surprise to the first person to open it (rules TBD).

If you have questions/comments/clarifications/etc., please let us know. Hope to see you there!

Jeff & Erika
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Game day is next Saturday, November 14! Please let us know if you think you might make it.

Within the next couple weeks we'll start organizing Thanksmas. Mark your calendars!
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Game day is NOT next week. Instead, we are delaying Game Day until Saturday 17 October at 2:00pm.
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Anyone have a steam carpet cleaner I can borrow?
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Jeff and I are hosting a 4th of July BBQ at our place. It is, unsurprisingly, this Saturday. Important points:

  • We will have 2 BBQs (1 charcoal and 1 gas)

  • It will start at 2:00pm

  • We are going to try a "bring your own thing to BBQ" format this year. We'll provide buns of various shapes. Feel free to use this post to coordinate joint purchasing of things.

  • We'll probably purchase some other things that are undefined (drinks? snacks? small children? Partially depends on whether or not we have a car by then.).
  • Like most of our events, this will be pot luckish

  • Kirkland has a parade at noon (children's parade at 11:30). People who want should coordinate to meet up.

  • Kirkland has fireworks at 10:15pm.

  • Should this replace game day for this month? I know some people might be busy on actual game day

RSVP below so we know how many buns to get.
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FYI, if you have the Passport Dining card, you can get $30 off dinner for two at the Herbfarm.
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Note that we will be having the normal game day on February 14th (although we understand if people miss all or part of the day for other, more romantic pursuits).
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Yes, the money for Seattle schools comes from a different place than the tunnel. Yes, we need to do something about the viaduct that will cost a lot (although many options cost much less than the tunnel). Yes, the Seattle schools are facing a real budget crisis. But still, this graph the cost of the tunnel and the savings from the school closures gives an interesting perspective on some of the choices made by the fair Emerald City (from here):
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Apparently there was an earthquake. (Also, note how the linked URL includes the entertaining substring "webquake".)

I might have felt it. I woke up a bit this morning thinking there was shaking and then assuming it was Kage. Most of what I felt probably was Kage because he was right next to me and was disturbed by the quake, but I think the quake is what woke me initially.
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There is no game day next month. Instead, there is a Thanksgiving Pt 2!


  • It is December 13th. 2:00pm unless anyone proposes a time people prefer better.

  • You need to actually RSVP. RSVP by real Thanksgiving.

  • It's a potluck. You can claim what you want below, but nothing will be final until we have the official list of people who are coming.

  • We'll have a gift exchange. We need to figure out the format. That will be done by voting in the comments of this post. Feel free to try to persuaded other voters. The formats proposed thus far (all with $20 limit)

    • White elephant, but with nice things. You bring something. We go around a circle with chances to choose gifts and steal.

    • Secret Santa. I randomly assign names. You buy something for the person you are assigned to.

    • Hybrid. You buy a gift, but then we draw names at dinner and you give it directly to that person.

  • We may need to borrow a second card table and chairs if more than 12 people RSVP. We may also need dishes.

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Hurrah! This year, Jeff and I will be adding a little local produce to our Thanksgiving with the 21 Acres Thanksgiving food bag.

ETA: Apparently they're not doing it this year. =(
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Today is the day, the day that must come every year. The day when you know that the warmth in your life will be diminished for a season. It is that day. The day when you are not sure that your shoes will not be rid of the moisture of morning puddles by the time you leave for home.
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In Fremont, someone had a huge spider decoration on the deck of their apartment.

I was impressed.
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Next Saturday is Game Day! Fun and excitement! Board games and video games! Socializing and tasty snack!

Please RSVP (is that redundant in English?) so we can make an estimate of how many snacks to get.
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Jeff and I are hosting a 4th of July BBQ! It will be at our place, with plans to go to the Kirkland fireworks. Anyone is welcome.

We will provide burgers and buns and grilling space (though so far we only have 2 14" grills, another or a slightly larger one might be useful). Other forms of food, drink, and condiments will be appreciated.

If you want to come, please RSVP so we can be sure to get enough food.

EDIT: Oh yeah, a start time. We'll start things at around 1:30. Feel free to arrive whenever. We will probably eat around 5:00pm. At some point, we'll need to leave for fireworks (they start around 10:00 at Juanita beach).
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Power outages in June? From wind? Bizarre.
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I resolved my compost bin situation. I was not able to get exactly the one I want, but I did discover that if you live in King County, WA, you can get subsidized compost bins through the county (the subsidy is approximately what the shipping cost would be, at least for the one I bought).

Note that if you live in the city of Seattle, you have to use the City of Seattle subsidized compost bins site. It's like the libraries.
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Does anyone know where to buy a envirocycle rotating composter (or any other compact rotating composter) in the greater Seattle area? I do not have enough room for a more traditional composting bin. This one is compact and enclosed, but buying them online is impractical because of the price of shipping a ~3'x2'x2' box.

I was tempted by bokashi composting systems. These systems use micro-organisms to ferment the waste instead of decomposing it. They work quickly and have little enough odor that they can be kept in the kitchen. However, since they ferment the waste rather than decomposing it, the waste keeps its form and has to be buried under other dirt (where it will quickly decompose). I have little enough garden space that I do not have room to bury my bokashi compost, so the system will not work for me, as awesome as it sounds otherwise.
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Don't forget, game day is next Saturday, April 12th. There will be the normal array of games and snacks. Feel free to bring more of either. (FYI, we don't have the new Super Smash Brothers yet.)

If you think you might come, RSVP so we can get a rough count.
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The next game day this Saturday, February 9! Post if you are planning on coming so we can get a rough idea of how many snacks to get.


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