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Heylo all. Just wanted to say that I am alive, my PLDI presentation went well (I'll put up slides eventually), Jeff and I are moved into a new place in Kirkland, and unpacking is a pain.
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Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!
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This last weekend, Jeff and I went to the Tulip Rayle. Think scavenger hunt driving while driving around in the back roads of Mount Verson, Fidalgo Island, and Whidbey Island. There was lots of pretty. Jeff has a nice (long) summary.

Over the course of this last week, Jeff and I got the crazy idea that moving would be a good idea. Our current place is a bit warm, a bit noisy, and a bit pricey for its size. We found a new place over the weekend; we can start moving in next week. The new place is actually only a few blocks away... as the crow flies. Driving it is a bit further because it is on the other side of Highway 99. Fortunately, we will have overlapping leases for nearly a month, so moving should be relatively painless.

Did I ever mention that I am going to be at Google this summer? I will be working on a data processing framework.

In quals news, it will be done. Soon, I hope. I have a draft of my paper written. A draft which, according to my advisor, needs plenty of work. I am going to start working on the presentation soon. It will be nice to get quals done. I have enjoyed this project, but I am ready to move on to something that is really my work.

That was kind of random, but my life has been kind of random lately. Tata!
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So I spent all of my time yesterday and a couple hours today trying to fix just one little problem. I fixed all sorts of things. Managed to get 6 rules to be covered that were not before, but not the one I spent all that time fixing. sigh.

EDIT: More coding woes. I have code that use to take hours to run. I completely reimplemented it. Now I get impatient that it takes 5 minutes. =)
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Yay! I have 2000 lines of data to analyze. Note that each line represents a 4-50 line inference rule which I must analyze relative to a set of 5-100 rules of the same length.
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What would you say wp(z := &z, x = *z) is and why is it not what it seems like it ought to be?
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*grumble* *grumble* Stupid memory model with weak axioms that cannot show that variables are unchanged by array allocations. *grumble!*
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Today I read a paper which stated "Most operating systems (i.e., Linux and Solaris)...." Okay, I lie, the paper did not say that, I misread e.g. as i.e., but my way is more amusing. =)
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My computer has two processors. Sweet!
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It is done! We submitted the paper, with decent results even. My state of mind was odd during the last couple hours. I was not writing (a) two people writing at a time is plenty and (b) I do not yet have the technical writing skills write quickly and well. Most of the time I was sitting waiting for more changes to be checked in. I was simultaneously bored, anxious, and stressed. Very odd combination. In any case, it is done! And I can sleep! It has been many days since I have gotten enough of that.

The socks I am wearing today are getting quite threadbare (you can see through a good portion of them). In the middle of one threadbare path there is a hole. This allowed me to observe that even threadbare sock is better than no sock. Where the hole is, my foot sticks annoyingly to the shoe. Where there is at least some sock, it does not.
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Over the last week I have implemented a sudoku solver in Python, done research in Diesel (my adviser's language, it's a purely OO language where everything is done by message passing), and written test file and tutorted in Caml. Surprisingly, this works better than I would have thought.
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Bad Karl! I blame you! While browsing through the papers at ESOP last April, I saw "BI Hyperdoctrines and Higher-Order Separation Logic" and thought that it might be interesting.
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I was skimming through the references in "The Logic of Bunched Implications" and noticed a paper by Hodas.
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More PL papers need to use "whilst".
Separation logic primers make separation logic fun and easy!
Bad font choices: when (l == null) looks like (1 == null) in code (and if your font is bad, the first is a lowercase L and the second is the digit one).

PL geekiness )
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I love old papers. "A high level programming language, such as Algol, Fortran, or Cobol..."

EDIT: From another paper: "Now I assume that the design of such a system is a goal-directed activity, in other words, that we want to achieve something with the system."

More EDITS: From the same as above: "Secondly, we are often -- and I feel tempted to add 'thank goodness'-- not interested in the complete semantics of a machine."

Maybe I should just quote the whole paper. "And that is a good thing for except in trviial cases we must expect that the explicit formulation of wp(S, R) will defy at least the size of our sheet of paper, our patience or our (analytical) ingenuity (or any combination of them)."
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I've sure been updating a lot today...

Yet another reason why multiple dispatching plus union types = cool:
     public fun mentions_term(p:Pred|Term, t:Term):bool;
     method mentions_term(p@Pred, t:Term):bool { ... }
     method mentions_term(p@Term, t:Term):bool { ... }         

Pred|Term is a union type, it says that p can be either a Pred or a Term. The first line defines a function. The second and third lines provide two implementations of that function. The first is called when the first argument has type Pred, the second when it has type Term. Isn't it cute?!
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I am reading a paper which uses monospace fonts to represent abstract values and italics to represent concrete values. It is a bit confusing since I use exactly the opposite convention.


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