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I am amused. I just had my LJ credentials expire in the time between opening my friends page and trying to click on the comments link for a private post I was reading.
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If you could have your pick of any skills that begin with some letter, what letter would you choose and why? (You can still have other necessary skills, even if they begin with other letters. Maybe you can even have other unnecessary skills.)

For example, apparently William James chose 'p'.
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Hmmm... listening to the oldies channel might be too distracting during work. I know too many of the songs well enough to sing along with, and it takes a lot of mental energy to remember not to sing out loud in my shared office. It also makes me want to watch Beatles movies.
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Thanks for the support everyone. Mommy's doing as well as can be expected.

On a lighter note, for all you Halo fans out there.
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I wonder if people who are against birth control pills because they think they cause abortion will be against male birth control pills when/if they become available? I wonder what the excuse will be this time?

On an unrelated note, I got to take a telephone survey about "chronic public inebriation". I am amused. Mostly because of the phrase "chronic public inebriation".
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In an email I received from Metro:
You should receive your order within one week unless you selected express delivery.
To me, this seems to imply that an express order may be received in more than a week. Is that just me?
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[ profile] safiiru I know you need this. And because I don't promote Popgadget enough already... individual cupcake holders!!
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I shall start using the phrase "only if and if"
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Here are a couple random links: an amusing and brief history of shaving and a really interesting Wired article on internet distribution and the long tail of entertainment preferences.
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Only a few of you will understand. I just found the schedule for climbing the butte:

Climb the butte (Photo-op)
7:47 Meet @ Carson
7:53 Walk to butte
7:59 Commense Whining "Are we there yet?"
8:11 Commense butte climbing
8:22 reach summit
8:23 Smile
8:24 Wave
8:25 Take photo
8:26 Commense debutteing
8:27 Carter reaches base of butte
8:37 Group reaches base of butte
8:47 first order placed at Steelhead
8:50 Brian drinks his first long Island Iced Teac
9:00 Alex convinces Carter to hit on the waitress
9:03 Carter asks Andrew, "If a woman slaps you, throws a martini in your face and then lights the alcohol on your ace, is that a good sign or a bad sign?"
9:05 Brian drinks his second LIIT
9:06 David teaches the Americans how to say "I am fat & stupid" in French
9:07 Erika asks a meaningless question
9:08 Karl analyzes Erika's question with model checking
9:09 Brian has another Long Island Iced Tea
9:10 Dan explains the history of Long Island
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Sometimes I enter passwords before noting which window I am entering them in (all though I have gotten into the habit of not hitting enter until I check). Given that I am a vim user, this means funny things often happen. What are some passwords not to use as a vim user (with or without hitting enter, assume normal mode)?

First example: ggdG:wqa
erikars: (Default) word of the day: uxorious: excessively fond of or submissive to a wife.

I wonder if there is a similar word going the other way.


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