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Lately Pandora has been doing an overly good job of finding songs similar to songs that I like. Twice today Pandora has followed a song by another version of the same song by a different artist.
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There is apparently a category of country songs where the artist not only takes pride in being from the country (which I am fine with), but also is extremely condescending towards women who are not in that category. I did not notice such song until after the Dixie Chicks controversy when it seemed that both country artists and country radio stations started trying to distance themselves from anything liberal. (That is also about the time I stopped listening to country except for when it occasionally shows up in Pandora.)

Two examples keep coming up in my Pandora. "California Girls" by Gretchen Wilson and "Corn Fed" by Shannon Brown. The Wilson song contains choice stereotypes such as
But them Hollywood types, after a while wear on ya
Strutin' around in their size zeros,
Skinny little girls no meat on their bones / Never even heard of George Jones

The Brown song is even worse. She sings
We don't' flip the bird
We don't cuss and scream
When the cars don't move, when the light turns green
We don't lock our doors, when we leave the house
There ain't nobody here that we'd keep out
That's the way we do in our town
There ain't no valet joint
With five star atmosphere
First, she presents an idealized version of country life that cannot be anything but false; I doubt that there is anywhere where no one ever cusses at cars that do not notice green lights and everyone always feels safe leaving their doors unlocked. Second, after setting up the expectation that country is good and urban is bad, she notes the country's lack of nice restaurants, implying that going to nice restaurant is thing that "good people" feel no need to do.

The unifying theme that unites these songs and makes them annoying is that the country and country girls are good not because of the things they are, but because of the things they are not. By focusing on what they are not, the artists set up a good/bad dichotomy instead of just expressing pride in what they are.
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Apprarently, the creators of this add think owning nothing is a good thing... Personally, I would rather not lose my music collection if a particular company goes out of business.
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I heard the new Madonna song, "Hung Up" on the radio last night and decided it sounded like a DDR song. When I looked it up on the internet, I found that in the video Madonna dances on a DDR pad (she does not do DDR mind you). I am amused.
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Well, I didn't mean for my post about radio stations to turn into a discussion of DRM, but today I'll throw out an article or two on DRM.
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What radio stations do Seattlites listen to? I feel like trying something different.
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Jeff and I cleaned the closet last weekend, and I rediscovered my flute. I practiced today for only 20-25 minutes, and now my left arm is sore. I really need to start practicing regularly again (which, I will admit, I have not done since high school).
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Today I received a CD in the mail. This is a relatively rare event. I would like to take a moment to expound upon why this is so.

When I first received my CD player, I would buy about one CD a month. This rate went down over time and now has dropped to one or two a year. This is not due to the fact that I am using file sharing programs. I will occasionally get music from the internet, but only legally. After some small amount of contemplation, I realized why I do not acquire much music. Each CD I buy has lower value than the CDs which came before. Since my CDs are all on my computer now, I do not have to manually switch between albums. This means that I listen to all artists I own approximately equally. I have enough music that by the time I wrap around, the music does not seem stale.

Compare this to my old situation. When I manually swapped CDs I would tend to listen to some small number of CDs more frequently than others, generally the n newest for some small n. Thus, music would become stale and I would be compelled to buy more. Now that the music I already own does not become stale, I have much higher standards for what I will buy. I will only buy music that I really enjoy. If I just think a song it kind of catchy I will not buy the album.


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