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Apparently, those who are growingly dissatisfied with the way food is handled in this country are starting to come together with a coherent message.
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I have always had a hard time believing I was sick until my body reached the point where I was physically unable to have a normal day. I was the type of child who would say, "Do I have to stay home from school? I feel well enough."

I have finally reached the point where I know, in my mind at least, that I will get better sooner if I stay home, but I still feel like I am lying to myself a bit when I do. "I am not really sick," I tell myself. "I can still get out of bed, shower, make food, read. I should be at school/work."

However, if I needed proof today that staying home today was a good idea, it came when I sat down to read and did not realize I had fallen asleep until I woke up 1.5 hours later.
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Better not eat bagged spinach for a little while. Glad I heard about it, Jeff and I usually have a bag a week.
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Good: Hall Health, the UW medical center, was, when I called around 12:40pm today, able to schedule me an appointment for 1:40pm.

Bad: I had to have my annual women's physical and get blood taken around 1:40pm today.
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There is an interesting series of articles, Suddenly Sick, coming out this week in The Seattle Times. The articles talk about how diseases are defined and redefined, generally in a way which increases the number of "sick" people and the revenues of drug companies. If nothing else, read the introduction.
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My posture is a good indicator of how well my research is going, and I am on my way to a bad back.


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