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UW CSE graduate students have exposed vaguely worrisome uses for a seemingly useful exercise aid (official report here).

I find it encouraging that UW HCI students are working with our new security professor. Often it seems that HCI papers present ideas that make one think "that's cool but what happens when someone tries to hack it." I am glad that we will (hopefully) end up with a bit less of this at UW than at other bases.
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I just heard the unsurprising decision that mutt and zsh would not be supported software after the department machines are upgraded. The reason "low demand, probable age-out of current users". Now, the former, I expected, but the latter? I'm just a second year student; I'll be here for awhile yet. =P
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Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!
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As I sit here working frantically on my quals talk, I cannot help but wonder about the important questions in life. For example, PL camp students are required to eat pie when they see each other at conferences. Marius and I will both be at PLDI. Are we required to eat pie even though we are from the same school now? (Not that I mind eating pie. I just like to know the tecnical details.)
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It's really hard to find a roommate for PLDI...

Update: An email thread

  • Me: Does anyone know any other women who might be going to PLDI and need a roommate?

    • Professor Dan: A quick glance at the accepted program saw no female student authors. Now I'm depressed...

    • Student 1: marius

      • (All one thread)

      • Marius: i already found a woman to roommate with: ben.

      • Student 1: hey, you better keep your hands off my man, woman.

      • Me: Gee golly you guys are useful...

      • Student 1: Guy AND GIRL. Jesus erika have some sensitivity I hope marius isn't offended.

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My computer has two processors. Sweet!


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