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Game day is next Saturday, November 14! Please let us know if you think you might make it.

Within the next couple weeks we'll start organizing Thanksmas. Mark your calendars!
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Note that we will be having the normal game day on February 14th (although we understand if people miss all or part of the day for other, more romantic pursuits).
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Don't forget, next Saturday (Nov 8) is game day! As usual, there will be Rock Band, board games, Wii games, and whatever else people bring!

RSVP if you can make it.

This month we are going to start regularly having a canned food donation box that we will drop at the local food bank when it gets full. Bring something if you are so inclined.
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Next Saturday is Game Day! Fun and excitement! Board games and video games! Socializing and tasty snack!

Please RSVP (is that redundant in English?) so we can make an estimate of how many snacks to get.
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Game day is next Saturday, June 14th from 2:00pm to whenever. As usual, RSVP if you think you might make it, but don't let a forgotten RSVP prevent you from coming.
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Don't forget, game day is next Saturday, April 12th. There will be the normal array of games and snacks. Feel free to bring more of either. (FYI, we don't have the new Super Smash Brothers yet.)

If you think you might come, RSVP so we can get a rough count.
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Don't forget that game day is next weekend. Saturday 12 June from 2:00pm to whenever. We will provide Cosmic and several other miscellaneous board games, 1 TV with a Wii, PS2 and (maybe) an XBox360, and lots of space to allow for multiple activities. For space, we have a dining room table, a card table, and a loft where we can set up an extra TV if anyone so desired to bring one. We will also provide some amount of snacks which brings me to...

Please reply to this thread if you think you will come so we can get a reasonable amount of snacks. Also, please note if you have any games you want to bring.

Finally, a question. If we buy Rock Band for maybe the upcoming and certainly future game days, would people be willing to give a one time donation of a small amount (~$10) to make the cost less prohibitive to us?
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Announcing game day! Every 2nd Saturday starting and 2:00pm and going until people leave (or I get sleeply, whichever comes first), Jeff and will be hosting a game day. The first game day is Saturday 12 Jan 2008.

We have one TV, a PS2, a Wii (with 4 wavebirds), and a small number of board games (Cosmic!). Other people can bring other games. Bringing snacks is also good.

I will post a reminder and a "please let us know if you are coming so we can get a count post" closer to the 12th. However, if you want the event on your Google calendar, email the address I should invite you at to my user name at yahoo.


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