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A reminder that many games of our youth were not that stimulating. The author does miss one distinct possible advantage of real life games. They usually involve face-to-face time with real life people, and they often involve disagreements which, without a computer to give the "right" answer, require the development of social interaction skills. However, the main point that video games are a lot more mentally stimulating than, for example, "Candy Land" is a good one to have pointed out in this age of "video games are destroying the children!" paranoia.
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I have been using Yahoo mail since I first got online in 1994. Even though I have a gmail account, I still primarily use my little Yahoo mail account. However, I may have just found the feature that may drive me away.

They messed with links. That most basic and ubiquitous of things, links. Links are not now normal links. They are little JavaScript monsters. This, apparently, is so that I can be given multiple options when I mouse over the atrocity. If I just click on the link, it opens in a new tab. That works well enough, although I prefer for my new tabs not to take focus.

However, where they really broke things was middle clicking. When I middle click a tab, it should open in a new tab in the background. That part works fine. However, since they are not real links, and I have middle click set to paste, when I middle click the text on my clipboard gets pasted. Now, in Opera, when you paste text in a non-textbox it treats it as a URL to follow (I love this, I will add). However, when you paste random text on a page, you get, unsurprisingly, a message saying the URL is illegal.

Thus, my reflexive habit of middle clicking a link is completely broken in Yahoo main, and I am very sad. (Don't even get me started on JavaScript links that cannot be opened in new tabs.)
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I just heard the unsurprising decision that mutt and zsh would not be supported software after the department machines are upgraded. The reason "low demand, probable age-out of current users". Now, the former, I expected, but the latter? I'm just a second year student; I'll be here for awhile yet. =P
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Popgadget has a post about the MacBook. This comment made my hour
They claim they would like to have the word Mac in every one of their computer lines. I'm not sure why they think it's so special - I live in Scotland, a place where every second person I meet has Mac at the beginning of their name.
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Sometimes I enter passwords before noting which window I am entering them in (all though I have gotten into the habit of not hitting enter until I check). Given that I am a vim user, this means funny things often happen. What are some passwords not to use as a vim user (with or without hitting enter, assume normal mode)?

First example: ggdG:wqa
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Jeff and I have decided to make our own invitations. I am going to design it with Inkscape, an open source program claimed to be vaguely similar to Illustrator (I've never used Illustrator). Well and good until yesterday. Yesterday I upgraded my computer to Debian unstable because I wanted the latest version of Eclipse (and felt like living on the edge). Inkscape depends on libsigc++-2.0-0c2. In unstable today, that package is only available for the amd64 architecture. Thus, at the moment my wedding invitations cannot be worked on because of a C++ library. How many people can say that?
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For months and months I have been wondering why I could not sign into Yahoo! messenger with Gaim. I finally decided to try using Yahoo!'s actual messenger client (the Linux version of which sucks, I might add). That worked fine, so I used it for awhile. Yesterday I had a revelation. I had never updated the password Gaim had saved when I changed my Yahoo password. I am smart!
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I accidently discovered slrn today. Finally, a news reader that runs in a terminal! How could I not have discovered earlier? I had been using Thunderbird, and while it was quite sufficient, I find all that clicking to be inefficient. Plus, it made it impossible to check my newsgroups from home, and I am very sad when I do not get my Cosmic Encounter power of the day.
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My computer has two processors. Sweet!
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On my desktop I use Opera. At school and on my laptop I use Firefox. Both crash on a fairly regular basis (once every 2-3 days). Other people, such as Jeff, do not have these problems. Browsers hate me. Personally.
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LaTeXy picture goodness! I am intrigued by a way of making pretty pictures that will have the labels typeset all pretty.
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Developers are starting to get the Nokia 770. When, oh when, do I get mine? So much shiney!

EDIT: Apparently I am not the only Mudder excited about the 770. I am amused.
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Aterm was just installed on the machines at school. This makes me very happy. Psuedo-transparent terminals make a desktop feel much less crowded than solid black terminals.
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(1) I had a silly dream last night. I dreamed that someone had come up with a scheme for relating the value of a city to units of power. Under that analysis, LA was not worth the energy it consumed.

(2) [ profile] krizoitz sent me a link to a story about the famous homosexual penguins with the comment "so it IS a choice ;-)". That got me thinking a bit about homosexuality. Combine that with memories of articles on the continuing evolution of the brain and you get a random hypothesis. Maybe homosexuality was not originally "natural" for humans. Maybe it is becoming natural because overcrowding makes it advantageous for the species as a whole to have a reduced reproduction rate. Not that it matters either way... I maintain that humans are so far from natural that the distinction between biologically induced traits and choice is largely irrelevant.

(3) I have mentioned before that I think LJ tags should be hierarchical. Thinking about it more, I have decided that hierarchy is useful for meta-data systems in general. It is convenient; I do not want to label Cosmic Encounter posts as game posts; it should be obvious. The model itself seems nicer, because the functionality of meta-data tagged files becomes a strict superset of the functionality of a traditional hierarchical file system.

Perhaps an even richer system could use "tag implications" (I just made that up, so if anyone can suggest a better term...). Given a set of tags, a user can define implications "X => Y" which means if an object is tagged with "X" it will automatically be tagged with "Y". This is obviously a superset of the hierarchical meta-data model. I am not sure if it is a proper superset. It might be because it would allow a tag "X" to be at the bottom of more than one hierarchy. I wonder if a general tag logical would have any meaning... (e.g., "X or Y", "not X" tags, a "true" tag and a "false" tag!). I somehow suspect this would end up looking a lot like type system stuff.
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Today's copyright story: Technology allows. Copyright denies. In today's example, Wired examines the plight of William Bright, a man who took maps of various subways systems, cut them up into chunks viewable on an iPod screen, and put them up on the Internet. This violates the copyright on the maps. He takes the maps down when it the copyright holders request it.

Making him take down the maps is within the rights of copyright holders, but it is a pity. This guy was providing something really cool for a new technology that could not handle the format of the copyright work. The copyright holders should work with him to make his maps legitimate or offer equivalent formats through their own sites instead of just taking away access to the maps from iPod users.

One interesting thing to note is that he is making his own maps and releasing them under a Creative Commons license. I think the copyright owners of all works whose sole purpose is to disseminate everyday-useful information should be smart enough to release their works under a CC license which would allow the work to be adapted to new technologies.
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Well, I didn't mean for my post about radio stations to turn into a discussion of DRM, but today I'll throw out an article or two on DRM.
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New ThinkPads. I think I am morally outraged by the idea of a non-black ThinkPad. ;-)

Tee hee, hot fudge sundaes! From a quote of the day site: Kurt Vonnegut, "Any reviewer who expresses rage and loathing for a novel is preposterous. He or she is like a person who has put on full armor and attacked a hot fudge sundae."
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Typo of the day 'gvimp' instead of 'gimp'.
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vim does funny things when I type my password in in normal mode.
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As usual, those of us who use Opera under Linux are ignored Does anyone know if gmail works in Linux, with any browser?


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